Recruit the Nation

Recruit the Nation Overview

The Elite Football Network also has a new and innovative recruiting tool that can help athletes, high school and college coaches recruit more effectively and streamline the entire recruiting process. The recruiting tool is called Recruit The Nation.

Recruit The Nation is broken down into 3 parts: 1) Team Pages 2) Player Profiles 3) College Coaches Dashboard.

Team Pages
We have over 16,000 Team Pages that include every high school, prep school, junior college and most travel 7v7 teams in the country. Our Team Pages will break down each school and their top prospects by grade. Other information on the Team Pages include: Schedule, Roster, Related news Articles, related Video, Statistics, Style of Offense and Defense, Contact Information for the school and coach, History about the program, etc…. High school, Prep school and junior college coaches will be able to log in our system to input all the information free of charge. The Team pages will make the job of a high school coach that much easier and help their kids get recruited by schools all over the country.

Player Profiles
Player Profiles are one of the most important parts to the Elite Football Network and Recruit The Nation. The profiles are a “Hub” or Landing Page that all athletes can use in order to help them with the recruiting process over the course of their career. We allow athletes the opportunity to have control and update certain portions of their profile as new things happen throughout their career. The Player Profile will allow them to store all information important to the college football recruiting process, including video, news articles, statistics, academic information and more.

College Coach Dashboard
The third and final part to Recruit The Nation is the College Coaches Dashboard. This is a customizable section that each college staff and coach can create on the network. It is a secure section that only their staff has access to and is a free management tool that will help them with their recruiting efforts. It is a new tool that can change the way college coaches recruit on a national level.
It is a “Recruiting Pipeline” to their program and provides an overview of what they have, what they need and want and a message system to follow athletes on the network. This will be a secure log in that is only viewable by that staff. Dashboards can be created for each recruiting class.

Database Search
The Recruit The Nation platform will have an extensive searchable player and team databases for fans, high school coaches and college coaches. All the different groups can search by name, player type (high school, juco, prep school), state, school, grade, position, rating, ranking, offers or no offers, top available, height, weight, 40 time, shuttle time, bench press, vertical, stats, etc… Network users will also be able to ask the database to find other players based on specific criteria that they request.