How do I get invited to the Elite Exposure Camps? You must fill out the online application form on our website and we will reply back to you letting you know if you will be invited. We also send out invitations to athletes that have made honors in their area. You can also be invited on a recommendation from your coach, but we have final approval.

What type of athletes are we looking for at our camps? We are looking for the top high school football players in the country that are juniors, sophomores and select freshman that can play at the next level. Rising underclassmen, players that have received Division 1 scholarship offers, sleepers from small schools, and future stars. Most players that attend are All-State, All-Region and All-League performers. Sophomores that started varsity.

Once I am invited to the camp how do I register? If you received an invitation at your home or school you will need to fill out the registration and waiver form and mail those back in to us. You will also need to mail in the registration fee or pay online.

What is the cost of the camps? The cost for each individual camp is $65 per camp. You may pay by Money Order or online with a credit card.

What is the process to pay online? The registration process has 2 steps. 1) Fill out the Athlete Registration Form (Application). 2) Once the form is filled out we will approve or deny the athlete for the camp. 3) If you are approved, you will get an email confirmation saying that you have been approved and it will give you a link to click in order to pay for the camp. 4) Once the payment has been made you will get another email confirmation and receipt, along with the camp itinerary.

Why do we have a 2 step process to sign up for a camp? The registration process is set up this way in order to make sure the right athletes are selected for the camp. We do not want it to be a free for all. We often times get younger kids signing up for high school camps. We also get some players that are not qualified to attend a certain camp. One example, players under 5'11 are not eligible to attend our Elite Big Man Camps. These camps are for true college prospects that play on the offensive and defensive lines.

When is the deadline to sign up for the camps? The deadline is first come first serve until we reach capacity. Our recommendation is to register early in order to reserve a spot and to avoid any late fees.

Are you able to pay at the door the day of the camp? Our camps are organized events that have rosters for scouts, media and college coaches. If you pay at the door you can be added on as long as we have not reached capacity. You will also have to pay a $10 late fee the day of the event. All players accepted the day of the camp must pay with cash or a money order. We do not accept personal checks.

Will I get confirmation once I have completed all steps to the registration process? Yes. Once you have completed the registration process you will be notified by email and will receive an itinerary.

What type of exposure will I receive from attending the camps? Each athlete will have their picture taken before the camp and these will be used on their player profile within the Elite Football Network. Every athlete will receive a basic profile in our national player database. All the top performers will be featured on the Elite Football Network with articles and receive national recognition for their performance. Local and national media and recruiting services attend our camps. They receive rosters of all the players in attendance and will write featured articles on their websites. We also share our player database with college coaches so they have the ability to get in touch with you. All our camps are videotaped and highlights will be played back on the Elite Football Network and our YouTube Channel.

Why should I attend the Elite Exposure Camps? The Elite Exposure Camps is entering our 14th year and have built a solid reputation of having highly competitive camps that are organized and run properly. We are not a fly by night company in its first year. We have established a great working relationship with college coaches from across the country and are considered a resource to them in helping with their recruiting efforts. We provide a platform that allows kids from all levels and backgrounds to compete against one another on an equal level playing field. Small school athletes have the opportunity to prove they can excel against athletes from larger schools. Our goal is to find the best athletes and have them compete against each other to see who is the best of the best.

Why are the Elite Exposure Camps important to us? Ours camps will give us the opportunity to identify, evaluate, compare and scout the top offensive and defensive talent in the country. Camp performance plays a huge part in determining how an athlete will be rated on a state, regional and national level.

Why is the Elite Exposure Camps unique? Our camps are unique because we were one of the first companies to organize and operate a high school exposure camp. When we first started we would typically have 80-100 college coaches in attendance. Our events will help you gain state, regional and national exposure. Division 1 College coaches are very familiar with our camp because they have all attended in the past and now communicate with us on a daily basis. We are an excellent resource for them in identifying talent. We have had over 3,000+ athletes go on to play college football. We also have the ability to provide exposure 365 days a year on our Elite Football Network with player interviews, camp and in season coverage, and allow athletes to manage their recruiting process with a basic or premium profile.

Can I acquire my individual video from the camp I attend? Yes. We are the only camp in the country that will allow an athlete to purchase their camp video highlights. We have a video crew that will capture all the camp activities on the day of the event. We can pull out all your individual video clips and highlights from the event. The video would be edited and once payment is received the highlight video will get posted online on our Youtube Channel. The cost of this service is $75. You will need to contact us at the camp or immediately after to let us know you are interested. It takes us a couple of weeks to go through all the footage. It is a time consuming process, but with your patience we will get them completed.

How will I be evaluated at the camp? All athletes will be evaluated by your position coaches during the agility, position and competitive 1-on-1 drills. Athletes that excelled will get an opportunity to compete at the end of the camp in our famous Best of the Best Competitions. We want the best kids that attend to compete against one another to see who are the top overall players in camp. The players selected to participate in the Best of the Best will also be invited to our final camp of the year. This final camp will feature all the top performers from the regional camps.

Will college coaches be at the camps? The NCAA Division 2 & 3 coaches along with NAIA college coaches will be in attendance. Due to NCAA rules, Division 1 colleges are not able to attend. We do provide them video footage, contact information on all the athletes that attend, and we give them a camp report of all the top performers.

What will I need to bring to camp? Each athlete must bring and wear a helmet. Please bring cleats, gym shorts and workout gear. Jerseys will be provided.

What if I do not have a helmet? It is still ok to attend if you do not have a helmet or if your team helmets are in for reconditioning. All competitive drills athletes with helmets will be asked to take theirs off if they are going against a player without a helmet. All players will take reps with both players wearing a helmet or with both players not wearing a helmet. There will never be a situation where one player has a helmet and another players does not.

Can I still attend and participate if I don't have a helmet? Yes

What is our cancellation policy? Cancellations must be done by email only one week prior to a camp. If a cancellation occurs 7 days or less before the day of the event no refund will be made. This includes all injuries from other sports or activities. If you fail to show up and you call us after the event no refund will be given back. Refunds are given back if you give us 8 or more days notice. We will charge a $15 processing fee and the remaining $60 will be mailed back to you.