Elite Big Man Camps

The Elite Big Man Football Camp is an invite only national exposure camp that started in 2010 for the top Offensive and Defensive linemen in the Midwest. Due to the success of the camp, we have now expanded nationally and our goal is to bring in the top talent from across the country and see how they stack up against each other.

Our camps feature future Division 1 players that have received All-State, All-County and All-League honors from the Class of 2018, 2019 and 2020. The last 5 years we have had over 400 athletes that are between 6-foot-1 and 6-foot-8.

Every football coach in the country knows the value of having good Offensive and Defensive linemen. We also know that football players that play these two positions don’t always get the recognition and attention they deserve for their performance on the field. This camp is your chance to showcase your talents and compete against the best linemen in the country. The spotlight will be on you.

Our entire event will be videotaped and made available online on EliteSportsNetwork.com and our YouTube channel. The camp video will also be sent directly to Division 1 Colleges, along with the names of the top performers from camp. College coaches from across the country utilize us as a great resource in helping them identify talent.

All high school athletes will be evaluated and your performance will help determine your national ranking and how you are rated within your state on our Elite Football Network. The top performers from each Elite Big Man Camp will be interviewed and featured on our national network. They will also be invited back to our “Best of the Best Camp” right before school lets out. You will also get a ton of exposure from all the national media outlets that attend the camp. (Scout, 24/7 Sports, Rivals and ESPN).

Athletes may also purchase a camp highlight video of their individual reps from the camp. This can be used to help support your efforts in the recruiting process. Athletes will also get a FREE player profile on the Elite Football Network.

Position and Agility Drills
Each athlete must designate a primary position when they register for the camp. Each group will have color coded jerseys based on their position. The Football Position Drills will be run by some of the top high school football coaches from the area, along with former college & NFL Players. Athletes will participate in 4-5 position and agility stations throughout the camp. All drills will be videotaped for EliteSportsNetwork.com and college coaches. All Agility Drills will be beneficial for our staff to evaluate players’ overall athletic ability, strength and conditioning.

Offensive Line Drills & Technique Training
  • Stance and Footwork
  • Hand Placement
  • Overcoming a Late Set
  • Getting Bull Rushed
  • Timing of your Kick and Punch
  • Run and Pass Block

Defensive Line Drills & Technique Training
  • Stance, Get Offs
  • Effectively Using Your Hands
  • Strong Attack
  • Pass Rush Moves
  • and more...

Best of the Best Competition
The Elite Big Man Football Camps are known for the “Best of the Best” Competition at the end of camp. Throughout the day our staff is identifying the top players in attendance. These top players will be called out to compete against each other to see who are the best at their position. Please see our video highlights from previous camps prior to the event. Awards will be passed out at the end of camp and will be recognized on EliteSportsNetwork.com.

A Few of Our Elite Big Man Camp Alumni
Malik McDowell (MSU), Steve Elmer (Notre Dame), Mike Tyler (Stanford), Danny O’Brien (Tennessee), Jack Conklin (Michigan State), Michael Dieter (Wisconsin), Dennis Finley (Michigan State), David Beedle (Michigan State), Nick Padla (Michigan State), Jarrod Clements (Illinois), Joe Lowery (Ohio U), Nick Matich (WMU), Brian Sanders (BG), Malik King (Ball State), Evan Winston (Missouri), Elliot Jordan (WMU), Nathan Brisson-fast (CMU), Alex Neering (CMU), Mario Ojemudia (Michigan), John Reschke (Michigan State), Heath Reneike (Toledo), Nate Jeppesen (Toledo), Kenny Finley (WMU), Bear Yacoobi (Purdue), Connor Hayes (Pitt), Austin Labus (BG), Curtis Doyle (WMU), Gelen Robinson (Purdue), Jesse Chadwell (Illinois), Evan Akins (Naval Academy), Brandon Keen (CMU), Kenton Gibbs (NC State), Wyatt Shallman (Michigan), Dan Kyre (CMU), Haris Vrabek (Ball State), Clark Clancy (BG), Austin Doan (CMU), Vinny Palazeti (Ball State), Jack Ford (CMU), Logan Dziak (Princeton), Terry Ramsey (Louisville), Kirk Barron (Purdue), Kodi Keiler (Michigan State), and more.

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